Okçu was established in 1951 as a small workshop for car electrical maintenance, thanks to the passion for automobiles which was part of the family heritage that runs through the family members’ veins. The youthful obsession with cars became the impelling force behind the dream of creating and designing sumptuous systems. The desire of offering new, innovative and yet perfect systems led Okçu to grow and reach a unique and enviable level in the business. Today Okçu, designs elegant, sophisticated and timeless cars, finished with an incredible attention to detail, believing that luxury must be built slowly and with passion. It’s not possible for one not to be impressed by the quality of our craftsmanship. To anyone familiar with Okçu name who has been carrying a family tradition that dates back three generations and who has been honing its unique skills since 1951, this comes as no surprise. Since the very first day when Okçu doors were opened, many things have changed, but the passion for reaching new levels of perfection has always remained the same.